What is Hijama or Wet Cupping?

Wet cupping is an ancient method for healing used by Arabs to treat various illness by suctioning blood through small cuts on skin and applying negative pressure on cuts. Islamic Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stated that Hijama is the best of all remedies you have and if there is something extraordinary to be Plastic Cups Manufacturers utilized then it is Hijama cupping.

How wet cupping is performed?

Wet Cupping is performed anyplace on the body it is typically used to alleviate indications torment or throbs. In wet measuring negative weight is connected on chose focuses a short time later weight is discharges and shallow skin cuts are giving on chose ranges and vacuum connected again and glasses are stick to the skin for couple of minutes.

Benefits of Wet Cupping:

Hijama eliminate infectious organism from the blood.It helps to boost circulation in the body.It has good impact on vein and arteries.

According to scientific studies it has good impact on diseases and the recent scientific study on smokers with COPD suggest its good result as after cupping performed on 110 smokers there arterial O2 level increased participants feels improved in respiration after wet cupping.

Side Effects of Hijama or Wet Cupping

Hijama has no reactions the length of performed legitimately. It is additionally important that around 70% maladies or disarranges are brought on by the disappointment of blood to course appropriately in the body.

If performed properly with aseptic technique it has no side effects. Although there may be irritation or infection on incision site or feeling weakness due to blood loss.

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