A soccer season that has nothing more to tell toItalian supporters as far as European cups are concerned. Out of both Europaand Champions League, the Italian teams cannot but watching the other foreignteams challenging each other to see who will win these prestigious cups. Now inthe semifinal phase, the Europa League has already given an answer: the winnerof the cup will undoubtedly be an Iberian team. Apart from the Spanish ofVillareal, who gained the semifinal after beating the Dutch of Twente, all theother teams that have qualified for the semifinal are Portuguese: form Porto,who eliminated the Spartak Mosca, to Braga, who succeeded in qualify with a 0-0against Dinamo Kiev, to Benfica, who beat the Dutch of PSV, the Europa Leaguesemifinals will speak almost exclusively Portuguese.

Waiting for thesemifinals, which will be played on the 28th of April and on the 5thof May (Benfica against Sporting Braga on the one hand and Porto againstVillareal on the other), and for the final which will take place on the 18thof May, we already know that a Portuguese team will fight to win the cup. Iberian, but Spanish in this case, are two ofChampions League’s semifinalists: the “usual” Real Madrid and Barcelona willchallenge each other during one of the two semifinals (the other one will beplayed by the German team Schalke, which inflicted a sound beating to Interduring the quarter-finals, against Manchester United, another habitué of the competition), scheduled for the 26th– 27th of April and the 3rd -4th of May.

Toknow who will win the most longed-for international cup we will have to waituntil the 28th of May, when spotlights will illuminate the WembleyStadium, which will host the last act of the tournament. The Italian teams have nothing more to say in theEuropena cups, but in Italy they are still busy with the latest matches of theleague. As far as the Italian Premier League is concerned, the feeling is thatMilan is traveling towards an announced victory, with Naples having 6 scoresless and Inter 8 scores less. Moreover, Milan has a more advantageous calendar.And while Milan and Inter are having a foretaste of the Champions Leaguequalification for next year without having to play preliminaries, Juventus isstruggling for the Europa League qualification. At the end of the ranking Barihas almost moved down to First Division, while Brescia and Sampdoria arerisking a lot. In the First Division Siena and Atalanta are in pole positionfor the qualification in the Premier League, while Triestina, Frosinone andPortogruaro are in the deep waters of relegation. In few weeks the curtains will fall on the PremierLeague, on the First Division and on the European tournaments, making orbreaking the protagonists of this season.

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