To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Bauhaus designedForm 1382 by Dr. Hermann Gretsch, Arzbergproduced 500 of the black teasets.

Enjoy your morning coffee or a warm cup of cocoa in thesebeautiful mugs. Arzberg TRIC offers just the right cup for every taste, thesaucer, it self is also diverse, it fits perfectly with four of the six cupsoffered in TRIC without wobbling, even when it is stacked. TRIC, the awardwinning design from Micheal Sieger embodies, practicality, style and function.A classic and colorful collection that is fun to mix and match. From bold,energetic to soft subtle colors, or a little of both this line is perfect forany host. From oven to table to refrigerator, Tric's multi-functional piecesmakes entertaining a breeze.

The Arzbergcompany, since 1887 has stood for the highest quality in materials anddesign. Known for their simple, no frills designs, so timeless as to alwaysremain contemprary. Heinrich Schumann, originally from Angelroda (Thuringia),had a small pottery in Arzberg that had to close because it was in the way ofthe newly built railway. The railway was finished in November 1879 andconnected Arzberg with the railway network.

In 1931, Arzberg Form 1382 set the benchmark for moderntableware. It's now celebrating its 75th Anniversary and its design isunchanged. As with his Compostabale Shopping Bags Suppliers contemporaries at the Bauhaus, Dr.Ing. Hermann Gretschrelied on form & function to guide his design. His quest was to design asoup tureen that could be emptied with a ladle. The result was this collectionwhich is pure, unadorned and timeless.

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